Little idea, last year you were a sketch

Putting a skull in levitation ? WTF.

Its your first anniversary, exactly one year ago you were a sketch. You started as an exploration of the concept of ‘modern vanity’ and some experimentations on eletro-magnetic levitation.

The symbol

In our modern society where many things go fast, are symbols still meaningful ? Our ancestors would look at the stars, which probably reminded them of their own fathers. And for them rainy season was an essential element to the cycles of life.

What is the last time I watched the stars ? If my smartphone says it rains tomorrow… it’s ‘bad weather’ and just another rainy day.

And in our daily lives, when do we take a moment to think about the passing of time, our origins and evolution ?

The concept of modern vanity is about trying to fit in our daily life a symbol that embodies this reflection.



Using levitation

Levitation is one of the first absolute laws on earth, so powerfull that it will affect anything. It is very similar to the time that passes. We decided to use gravity as a metaphor for time.

Being able to break away from the attraction is a subtle yet strong metaphor to show the ‘infinite’ power of human imagination against the relentless force of time.


The very first working prototype, assembled from a decorative halloween plastic skull and magnets, hovering on a magnetic system


Creating the shape

The little idea made its way, step by step – a challenge as magnetic levitation won’t allow design errors – gathering knowledge, skills and a lot of time.

old shape

One year after

We did not expect that this would take so long, but at the same time when I see the amount of work that we have done I feel happy.

An art installation

We made our first art installation, ‘Ankou’ –  The name comes from Celtic mythology, is a god whose function is the perpetuation of life cycles.

The number 02 artpiece will be exhibited in an art gallery, at Galerie D’en Face, 7 rue Paul Louis Courier – 75007 Paris.

This is the only one that will be sold in France, the others from this limited serie of 8 pieces will be exhibited in other countries in 2014.


Turning it into an everyday object

We figured out how to transform this art installation into an object for everyday and for everyone. This is how Edmond was born.

There are 2 versions :

Edmond DIY Art Toy, a 6″ tall art-toy that comes flat, the customer assembles with the help of a short video tutorial. It will be available in blue, orange and black. A white version exists in limited edition.

Edmond Origami Art Lamp, an awesome lamp that uses LED technology to provide powerfull and comfortable daylight. It is both a sculpture and a lamp, revealing news details at night. It will be available in white, with 3 finishes for the braided wire : intense red, sapphire blue or steel grey.

We are very proud to make these products available.


Innovative assembly system

Building the levitating art-installation and the smaller version, we had to compose with extreme structural and weight constraints, which not only influenced the shape but also the entire assembling system.

We had to create a custom “clip system” that allows to assemble any 3D object out of a flat surface, without any glue. We have protected this innovation and now offer potential partners a licencing opportunities around this technology – it will work with paper, polymer, wood and metal.

assembling system

It is only the beginning

There is so much to say about the process, the design and the object.

Be patient, very soon we are launching our Kickstarter campaign