Ao Gitsune was born in 1986 in Paris. Holds a Masters in Industrial Design and Innovation from Strate College Designers en 2010.

His graduating thesis subject was the human-data interface that could emerge as a post keyboard-screen era.

His work explores the antagonist relationship between human imagination and reality. he first plays of our perception of reality to surprise us better and invite us to reflection.

Explaining: « Human’s purest energy is imagination » Ao Gitsune’s work investigates and challenges contemporary belief systems.

He is a passionate about new technologies and his work takes us to the frontiers of nature and technology.

In 2009 Ao Gitsune started experimentations on magnetic levitation, visiting laboratories to experiment Supraconductor’s levitating proprieties.

In 2012 Ao Gitsune began work on Vanities with the idea of a levitating skull. He eventually got some real human skulls to do so.

The name of the project : Ankou, was chosen after a celtic god of the cycles of life and death.

In 2013 he collaborates with artist Artur, and together they build several versions of the skull with various magnetic systems in order to achieve levitation.

In 2014 the project is curated by a state agency for the new technologies festival Futur en Seine held at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris.

In 2015 their first Solo exhibition takes place in Paris in october 2015 where Ankou is displayed with their second sculpture: « Earth ».

His passion for human-machine interface is such that he spends a lot of time in start-ups exploring interface paradigms and other innovative concepts such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

He also works on a modern interpretation of the oracle: an interactive installation inspired by the giants of the Easter Island.

Ao Gitsune lives and works in Paris.